~Community Supported Fermentation~

Similar to a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) relationship between farmer and consumer, Daily Roots' CSF (Community Supported Fermentation) offers a special relationship between Daily Roots and the customer. Supporting a subscription based food system allows the business to better gauge how much product to make, while allowing customers to have consistent, easy to access foods on a regular basis. Predictability helps everyone!

The CSF runs for 3-4 months, with two pickups each month. Members are responsible for showing up at Daily Roots on designated days to pick up their share of fermented vegetables. Members receive a pint or quart of fermented vegetables each pickup day.
Daily Roots is passionate about using locally grown vegetables whenever possible. Throughout winter this will be less likely, but organic produce will be used when locally grown is not available.
For maximum enjoyment and variety, flavor and vegetable combinations will vary throughout the weeks, creating a variety of culinary uses and a constant variance in probiotics. 

~Share options~
Full Share~ $120.00- $160
1 quart of fermented vegetables each pick up week (6-8 weeks total)
Half Share~ $66- $88
1 pint of fermented vegetables each pick up week (6-8 weeks total)

~CSF Shares Run~

November – January (3 mth)

February – April (3 mth)

June – September (4 mth)

**We are back at the JH People's Market! To take advantage of CSF share pricing this summer, please subscribe to our mailing list under the Contact tab. You will receive then an update of available market goods and by pre-ordering & pre-paying will receive the CSF pricing throughout September.**

Share Options

CSF Winter Share Agreement Form Nov '16 -Jan '17

click above link to read & review share information mail in last page of form with payment to pay by check

Online Payment Options~ Please fill out & submit form below if paying online, then select the share size to pay with credit card.  

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Clicking here indicates that you have read the above share information & membership agreement and agree to purchase the CSF share indicated and understand that you are responsible for picking up your share on the appointed pickup days, will send a substitute, or will otherwise will forfeit the share for that week.