CSF shares run for 3 months and include 6 jars of local (when possible), organic, artisan fermented vegetables. As a member you can decide to pick up 1 jar a week or 3 jars here and 3 jars there, or all 6 jars at one time. It's up to you. You can pick up your fermented vegetables at Daily Roots Open Kitchen nights or at People's Markets (see schedule). 


Like a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) relationship between farmer and consumer, Daily Roots' CSF (Community Supported Fermentation) offers a special relationship between Daily Roots and you, the customer.

Supporting a subscription based food system allows the business to better gauge how much product to make, while allowing customers to have consistent, easy to access foods on a regular basis. Predictability helps everyone!

Daily Roots is passionate about using locally grown vegetables whenever possible. Throughout winter this will be less likely, but organic produce will be used when locally grown is not available.

For maximum enjoyment and variety, flavor and vegetable combinations will vary throughout the weeks, creating a variety of culinary uses and a constant variance in probiotics. 

kraut line up.jpg

Full share quarts:120 ~ 

Half share pints:66

[*Return empty & clean kraut jars for a $1 refund!]

CSF Share Schedule: November to January, February to April & June to September. See Calendar for Pickup Dates

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