Daily Roots offers grounding nourishment for the whole body with raw vegetable ferments, wholesome food creations and natural body potions.

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Health & Healing

Daily Roots began with a passion for health and healing of the body from the inside out, starting in the gut.  As many people are becoming more aware, the root of most illness and imbalance in the body begins with an imbalance in the gut.  Healing the gut and soothing inflammation is the beginning to restoring harmony within the body. Eating whole foods while including fermented products and soothing herbs as a lifestyle can initiate this healing process.


Certified Fermentista

Poa Jacobsen Van Sickle, the creator of Daily Roots, is a Registered Dietitian and a Certified Fermentationist.  She began her journey into fermentation while simultaneously teaching community nutrition education and food preservation classes and healing her own digestion using whole foods, fermented products and herbs. 


gut rejuvination

Naturally fermented, raw & unpasteurized fermented vegetables have been a part of our food system for thousands of years.  Something that at one time was a cultural staple, has resurfaced as of late as an important food trend.  Populating our guts with beneficial bacteria (or probiotics) on a regular basis is an important piece of maintaining our overall health.  Home ferments are a great way to diversify the populations of probiotics in your life, though when time and counter space do not allow, Daily Roots offers a local source of fermented vegetables in varying flavors.